101 Goals in 1,001 Days

  1. Complete the 90 Day Challenge at Lifetime Fitness
  2. Lose 65 lbs
  3. Run a 1/2 marathon
  4. Learn to golf
  5. Learn to ride a bike
  6. Try one new recipe each week, preferably healthy or vegetarian
  7. Go to a Farmer's Market 5 times
  8. Switch to all organic cleaners
  9. Do the 100 Push Up challenge
  10. Do the Couch to 5K challenge
  11. Make Hot Yoga a regular part of the routine
  12. Walk Loki every day for 1 month (weather permitting)
  13. Drink only water for 1 week
  14. Run 500 miles
  15. Get MBA
  16. Figure out what to do for Lean certification
  17. Read Crucial Conversations
  18. Read On the Mend
  19. Revitalize Mary Kay business
  20. Take an art class
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Learn to play my guitar
  23. Re-learn French
  24. Learn Photoshop
  25. Get a raise
  26. Learn about & find constellations in our backyard
  27. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity build
  28. Participate in the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics
  29. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  30. Volunteer through "Be the Church" at least 3 times
  31. Read through entire Devotional Bible
  32. Attend church regularly
  33. Go to Paris
  34. Go to Ireland
  35. Go to England
  36. Get all of the Coralie Bickford-Smith designed books
  37. Read 50 non-text-book books
  38. Go antiquing
  39. Blog through all images etc saved in the Inspiration Files
  40. Travel the Indiana Wine Trail
  41. Throw a surprise party
  42. Host a dinner party
  43. Get lost in the Art Institute of Chicago
  44. See Wicked
  45. Do something new to us every month
  46. Go to a Purdue football game with the big guy (he went to IU, this could be awesome!)
  47. Use every nail polish color at least once (get rid of any not used)
  48. Build a fort
  49. Visit 5 states outside of Indiana, that our families don't live in
  50. Buy only used books
  51. Sing karaoke
  52. Go on a picnic
  53. Fly a kite
  54. Go camping
  55. Spend $0 for 1 week
  56. Paint Guest Bedroom gray
  57. Clean out 3rd Bedroom closet
  58. Renovate Master Bathroom
  59. Get rid of books' dust covers
  60. Replace couch
  61. Get hot tub
  62. Build pergola
  63. Put in laundy room cabinets
  64. Get new/replace outdoor lights
  65. Finish decorating Guest Bathroom (towel rack, light)
  66. Finish decorating Guest Bedroom (curtain rods, curtains, 2nd nightstand)
  67. Install Kitchen drawer/cabinet hardware
  68. Get pelmet boxes (or other window treatment) for downstairs windows
  69. Paint/replace switchplate covers throughout house (stainless steel in Kitchen, oil-rubbed bronze everywhere else)
  70. Reorganize linen closet
  71. Finish decorating downstairs bath (new light, new sink/vanity)
  72. Start an art collection
  73. Fix the Saturn's windshield
  74. Paint nightstands for Master Bedroom
  75. Finish jewelry frame/cork board
  76. Finish orange magazine rack
  77. Organize Master Closet
  78. Overhaul jewelry box
  79. Finish wedding scrapbook
  80. Complete wedding china
  81. Finish the backyard planting, landscaping, etc- but actually help, not just watch while the big guy handles it all
  82. Organize garage
  83. Organize paperwork/office area & keep it that way
  84. Get a nice chess set and play
  85. Get the big guy a laptop
  86. Go deep-sea fishing with Dad
  87. Get t-shirt quilt made for the big guy
  88. Establish a 6-month emergency fund
  89. Get pictures of our parents and grandparents at their weddings for Guest Bedroom photo wall
  90. Sit on the patio with the big guy once a week, weather permitting
  91. Laugh until I cry at least once, but as many times as possible
  92. Learn more about Dad
  93. Learn more about Mom
  94. Stay up all night talking with the big guy
  95. Spend 1 weekend with no TV
  96. Find the books in the Williamsburg Pentology for Mom
  97. Define our (me & the big guy) design style
  98. Put $10 in savings for each goal achieved
  99. Turn 30 and like it
  100. Go back to natural hair color
  101. Start our family
1,001 Days ends May 29, 2013