Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I was posting on The Knot this afternoon while at work and the following post came up.

"List the Veterans in your life, living or not."

My list is pretty long, so here goes.
  • Lambert Rebstock (mom's uncle)- WWII, POW in Japan
  • 4 older Rebstock brothers, Matthew Mark Luke & John (we're Catholic can ya tell?, also mom's uncles)- WWII, died in action
  • Walter Ditman- (mom's dad) WWII US Army
  • Grandpa Ditman- (mom's grandfather) US Army
  • Joseph Clark- (dad's dad) WWII US Navy
  • Uncle Walter- (dad's uncle) WWII US Air Force
  • Daniel Clark- (dad) Vietnam, US Air Force
  • Zach Lang- (cousin) soon to be serving, US Navy
  • Jason Schultz- (drew's best friend) currently serving & stationed in Iraq, US Army
  • Danny DeArmond- (my friend Julie's brother) currently serving, US Air Force
  • Karl Jacobs- (former boss/mentor) Vietnam, US Army
  • John Poi- (dad's friend) Vietnam, US Army
  • Vance Munsen- (dad's friend) Vietnam, Marine Corps
  • Len Pietrusciewicz- (dad's friend) WWII, US Navy

Reading this list makes me cry. There are no words to express how grateful I am for the sacrifices these men made and are still making. I am truly humbled to consider them my family and my friends.

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