Monday, April 26, 2010

Loki's Thoughts: Road Trips

Mom and Dad said "wanna go for a ride?"

Do I want to go for a ride? Do they even have to ask? I love the car. Doesn't really matter to me where we go. Sometimes we go to the park and go for walks. Sometimes we go to the big store where the puppies play while their parents buy them things. Sometimes we go to the vet or the kennel. I don't like those places as much, but I do like the ride home when we leave.

Sometimes, and these times are the best, we get to see my grandparents. Sometimes it's a long drive to see Mom's parents (hi Pop-Pop!) and sometimes it's a shorter drive to see Dad's. But there's always hugs and belly rubs, and throwing toys for me to run after and chase. Those times are good.

I love to hold my face out of the window when we go places. I love the smells of the little towns we drive through. I love the wind in my ears. See how happy I am?

I'm free-spirited. I'm adventurous. I'm quite fetching with the way the sunlight plays off my fur. I see you, cute little girl on her bike going to CVS with her dad. I see you smile at me. I'm smiling back, can you tell? I'd wave to you too, but I might fall over. I'm not very good at keeping my balance in the car. But I do love making new friends on the road!
I'm on a road trip.
I'm in the car!

Nothing can distract me from this journey, this life altering moment, this step forward to I dont know where, because I'm not driving and I can't see the Garmin and I can't read it even if I could.

Nothing can take me out of this moment. Nothing can take my attention away from thi-


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