Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got Gills?

We knew it was coming. We planned, we figured out where everything would go. But we still weren't totally prepared for the reality. Well, I wasn't. Maybe the big guy was. Last week, I came home to find this in our third bedroom.

Our shark is in. I'll admit, I was a little scared. He's so angry. Not that I can blame him. I'd be kinda upset too if I'd been turned into wall art. Maybe a little flattered, but mostly upset.

This is the angle that seemed really scary. We're going to wind up scaring our kids' friends someday because they'll walk by this guy in the middle of the night during a sleep over. Or maybe there will be some made up ghost story about him. It could happen.

Even Loki was a little afraid.

Then curious.

Then not so afraid.

Once we got the shark, who we named Tyrone in case you were curious, out of the shipping crate he lost some of the scary factor. You probably weren't curious about his name, but now you know. And yes, it's a boy shark. Not exactly sure why, but it just made sense.

Now that he was out of the crate, it was time to find Tyrone a place to live on our walls. We decided to keep him in the office. Since we got him during the fishing adventure we took while in Florida for the big guy's sales awards trip, it only made sense. I liked the idea of the shark hovering over the desk giving a stern, but at the same time fun, reminder of the work necessary to go on that trip again. "Grrr, finish you paperwork!" Something like that.

We found a spot for him above  the tallest of our bookshelves in the loft. He actually sits between the two windows inthe room, and can now watch you as you walk up the stairs.

And that's how we got a shark in our office.

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