Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our First Home!

This is it- our first home. We officially get the keys tomorrow and can start moving stuff in this weekend.

We've got lots of plans for decorating and a few for renovating, so there will be many more pictures to come. For now, here are the pictures of the house that were posted on the realtor's website. I should say that our realtor has been absolutely fantastic through the process. I'll post more about the process later. For now, here's where we get to call home!

Exterior Front- It's hard to see from this angle, but there are hooks on the porch just waiting for a porch swing!

Exterior Back- We're thinking one of the first things we'll do is add a fence, for Loki, and a stamped concrete patio, for us. Family Room- This is the main room on the first floor. It's the part of the house that is the two front windows on the porch. On the side you can see the tile area just inside the front door.
Family Room- This is what you see when you come in through the front door, if you were standing in the picture above. The fireplace is at an angle, which means it faces into the family room and into the kitchen. We love how open everything is!

Breakfast Nook- This is the fireplace as seen from the kitchen. We're not 100% sure about the light fixture, but we'll see how it looks with our table. Can't wait to make the walls something other than the lovely builder's beige they are now!

Kitchen- Cabinets are already painted white, which I was leaning towards doing anyway in the other houses we'd looked at. The counter tops are granite and were just added. The doorway you see in the back leads to the pantry and the laundry room. There is a door so we can close it off when we have people over. It's huge! We'll have tons of storage space. I've already picked out a shelf for my cookbooks.

Loft- This is what you see as soon as you come up the steps. This will be Andrew's office and a relaxed reading area.

Master Bedroom- It's huge! And so is the closet. We're going to be able to fit a dresser in the closet and free up some space in the MB for a sitting area. There are three big windows in the back, so we'll get lots of light in the room.

Master Bathroom- The sink will eventually need to be replaced, but for now it'll do just fine. The tub is set back and the shower is on the side of the room facing the sink. The closet is actually off of the bathroom and not the bedroom, which will make getting ready in the morning even easier. No chance of waking up Andrew while I'm getting ready to leave the house!

Guest Room- This is one of the other two bedrooms upstairs. Both are pretty much the same. There's another full bath upstairs as well.

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting and now it's finally time to move in! Loki's been a little confused with all the packing. His tail wags when we bring out suitcases, but that's because he thinks that means we're visiting my parents. We keep telling him that he's getting a back yard, but he'd rather chew on the cardboard boxes that have taken over the apartment.

Just a few more hours, and we'll be there!

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