Monday, December 20, 2010

I Survived Grad School Finals

I survived my very first set of finals in grad school. Was it easy? Nope. Not easy. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend a collective 32 hours a few weekends ago. That's right- 32 hours. As an undergraduate student, I used to enjoy the occasional take-home test. It meant more time to think through answers and access to course materials and other resources.

As a graduate student in an online program I now look at my take-home tests and quizzes and cringe a bit. They're all take-home, because the entire program is based on me being at home, or in some location other than a traditional classroom. Which means more time to think through answers, because they're significantly more detailed, and access to coursematerials and other resources, because you can't answer the question without them.

But this was only my first round. Both classes happened to be in fairly difficult subjects. Well, difficult for me at least. I highly recommend having some exposure to accounting prior to beginning an MBA program if you've not had any. If your first exposure is at the graduate level, it's tough. Trust me. Overall I'm happy with my grade, I think it's fair, and I think I actually showed some progress throughout the term. But I'm still not going to be a CPA. Like, ever.

The business strategy/economics class however, was much more my cup of tea. Psychology of consumer spending habits? Why, yes please. Analysis of competitor pricing habits to predict responses to new strategies? Don't mind if I do. Formulas to quantify price elasticity and probable return on investment? Uh... can we go back to the psychology stuff? Again, happy with my grade, and I know I showed progress in this one, as evidenced by the A I got on the final. Woo and hoo.

So now, it's time to relax, enjoy some time with friends and family, and celebrate the holidays. Of course, I've got loads of blogging to catch up on. Between the quizzes and tests and papers and team projects, there's been a lot going on around me!

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