Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Design Sherpa Conest Entry

A while back, like back in June, I entered a contest with a chance to win a trip to Paris. My entry was chosen as one of the top 100 from the first round. This meant that I had the opportunity to submit another entry as part of the next round. I did, which you can read here. I'm a little disappointed to say that I wasn't chosen to progress to the third/final round of the contest.

But I did get to have my original entry published on the Design Sherpa website. You can read it there. It's pretty fun to see yourself published somewhere other than your own blog. But, I've also included it in this post. It's also fun to go back and take a look at something you've written to see how your perspective has changed. I still love the room in the picture below. I'd love to see our house have this much personality. Though somehow I doubt that turquoise lacquer walls and a gold leaf ceiling are really the big guy's thing.

There are a few things about this room that really stand out for me. I love the luxe feel of everything from the zebra rug on the floor to the turquoise finish on the walls. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that give the room a distinct feeling. I think that inspiring design elicits an emotional response and tells a story. There’s a character that comes together once the room is complete. There’s boldness in the room that comes from the combination of materials and colors. It’s adventurous and really speaks to the person/persons living in the space.

It would have been great to win that 10-day trip to Paris complete with tickets to an international design trade show, really great. But, it looks like it wasn't in the cards. C'est la vie. So now I'll just have to shift the focus of my Parisian daydreams to a different trip. One without the bragging rights of being a contest winner.

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