Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tea for Two (Just Me?)

I don't drink coffee. I know that comes as a shock, it usually does. I'm weird I guess. I get funny looks, and I can sometimes tell that the person on the other side of the conversation actually feels bad for me. The look gets even more pitying when I tell them that I drink tea.

Here's the thing. I like tea. Tea is tasty. Take today's drink for example.

You can see the label, and yes it's true. Chocolate Hazelnut. It's sweet, it's rich, and downright cozy on a dreary-rainy day like today. I actually didn't need to add any sweetener. (This is my desk at work in case you were curious. I'd like to tell you that the rest of it is really glam and exciting, but it's not. It's mostly covered with papers and files. That's because I actually do work. And I'm just a little bit scattered in my approach to said work. Our desk at home is equally unglamorous, again, we're actually working on it. Perhaps that could be a new project, making the desk space glam and workable. Hmmmm...)

The word you're thinking of by now is "anyway." I'm pretty happy with this tea. I tend to gravitate towards the traditional black teas, although lately I've been doing more red tea (rooibos). Green tea is a little light for me, although nice in summer.

With the weather getting cooler, what will you be reaching for in the morning (or late afternoon)?

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