Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Sherpa Contest Entry

Several weeks ago, I entered a contest hosted by Design Sherpa. The "What Inspires You" offers the winner a $10,000 plus a 10 day trip to Paris plus admission to the Maison et Objet design trade show. Sounds amazing, and I've made it past the first round! The first round was submission of a picture and 100 words about why that particular image is inspiring. They're featuring the top 100 submissions on their site, and one of them is mine! I'll link back to it as soon as it comes up, unfortunately I didn't save it before hitting submit.

Yesterday, I submitted my entry for round 2. Round 2 is 350 words about a design/architecture style that speaks to your design style and showcases a little bit more about your writing style. Here's what I sent in:

There are so many design and architecture styles to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to choose just one. Like so many people, my tastes change. The styles that appeal to me most now are different than what I would have chosen five years ago and will continue to evolve over the years to come. For so many reasons, I like that.

I like the challenge of finding elements that will last over time. I like finding the basic components of a design or style that are at the core of that connection that makes someone say, “I like that” or “that’s me.”

I’ve always been drawn to prairie style homes. Growing up just outside Chicago, I see the connection between the low clean lines of the landscape and the sprawling layouts of the houses. There’s something about that style, with traditional craftsman details, that I find welcoming and comforting. It makes me feel at home, wherever home may be. I’m drawn to the natural woods. I’m impressed by the attention paid to the details and all the finishing touches that make a prairie style house a home.

Often when designing a home, Frank Lloyd Wright would include designs for the items that would fill the house; furniture, artwork, even dishes. It’s as though through the construction of the home, he was constructing a story about the people who lived there.

I think that’s an important element of interior design. Aside from the aesthetics involved, we all want our designs to be lived in. It’s more than just color choices. It’s a peek into personality. Are the homeowners art collectors with a vast collection they want to display? Are they animal lovers with three dogs and four cats, all allowed on the furniture? Are they newlyweds, still defining themselves and their style? (In case you’re curious, I fall into that last category.)

There’s a deeper story to be told through the design of our homes. When someone walks in, I want them to instantly know a few things about us. That’s something good design can help us do.

Keep your fingers crossed that I make on to Round 3! I'll keep you all posted as the contest unfolds.

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