Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Buck Huntin'

No, not actual hunting. And not the video game from a bar either. Our moosehead came in. Now he's all set up in his new home above our bed. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking in this post.

This picture makes me realize that I need to get our night stands sanded and painted white. Which was the original plan when we got them. Months ago. I blame winter for coming in so quickly. I was less than interested in standing in our garage painting. Maybe this month. Or next month if the warm weather doesn't stick around.

The big guy looks so happy. I'd like to say that all of our decor adventures have made him this happy. Something tells me that's probably not true.

Just in case you didn't get the full effect of the joy that acrylic moose brough into our home. And our lives.

And the setp ladder inthe background means that I was doing something. I'm not tall. I use that step ladder A LOT. Definitely a wise investment for any petite home owner.

Even Loki's smiling. :-)

I tease, but really I like it too. I'm a big fan of the slightly outrageous modern hunting lodge vibe it gives our bedroom. Let's be honest with each other. If I wasn't a fan, we wouldn't have him in the first place. Yes we think the moose is a him. We also think his name would be Bob. Bob seems like a good moose name.

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  1. Sam and I think it has to be a "him" because it has antlers. :) Very fun!