Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bringing Some Pups Safely Home

I saw a link to a wonderful story, here, this morning at Hamburger's House, here.

There's something about this story that really got to me. Maybe I just love the idea that these puppies can keep playing and being sweet to the soldiers who've been looking after them after being found so lost and alone. Resilient little things. And a pretty inspirational story. With all the things that our men and women have to do overseas, you'd think some puppies in a cave would hardly make the cut. Just goes to show that bravery and compassion go hand in hand.

If you read all the updates, you'll see that they are safely in the shelter and just waiting until they're old enough to make the long journey to the US. But they still need help getting home, and of course once they're here, they'll all need good homes.

If we had lots of space, I'd take them all. But I'm like that :-)

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