Monday, May 10, 2010

Loki's Backyard

Loki can finally enjoy his backyard the way all dogs want.

We have a fence! And a patio. Granted the patio is more for us so we can entertain, but that's beside the point. Now he can go outside and run around and sniff in all the corners that he's never gotten to check out, even though we moved in 8 months ago. And that's pretty much all he did this past weekend. That's pretty much all we did this past weekend too!

Here's a look at the progression of our patio and fence. Everything you see only took John 3 days to finish. He's awesome. We're so happy with how everything turned out.

This is a picture of the first day's progress.
Day 2- patio is done! We went with stamped concrete, and it's beautiful. You can see one of the sides of the fence going up here. Since we have no one behind us, just a farmer's field, we decided to only do the privacy fence on the sides and the parts connecting to the house and work with the farmer's fence across the back. This way we get to look at the trees and bushes back there. Plus, it's a really pretty view of the cornfield.

What? We live in Indiana, cornfields happen. ;-)

Day 3- The fence is done! It was so fast, and we went into the yard right away with Loki to check it all out.

We need to figure out some flower beds and plants to put around the patio area. It's going to be great!
Loki ran around for a few hours. He wore himself out!
One of the corners he found to explore. We've (I say we, I really mean the big guy) cleared out the scraggly stuff and a few of the low branches so that if he's out this way, it's safer for him and we can see him a little better. You can see a little of the farmer's fence that goes across the very back of the yard.

Loki didn't want to come inside. He just wanted to stay. We had to bribe him with snacks to come inside.

If you like what you see and you're interested in working with our contractor- here's his contact information. It was great working with him.
John Moody
317.557.9266 or 317.506.0340

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