Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunburst Mirrors

I'm a huge fan of sunburst mirrors. I know they seem to be everywhere right now, and now that includes our master bathroom.

We found three mirrors at HomeGoods over the weekend, and decided that the wall above our bathtub would be the perfect place for them. It's a little dark in that part of the bathroom, like dark enough that we're planning to knock down the top half of the wall... eventually. We've got some other plans for this bathroom, but until we're ready to tackle the big stuff, we want to add a little personality with some artwork, paint on the walls, and a few other things.

So we're starting on the small stuff first.

And we're starting with these mirrors.
There were two different designs, which I liked, especially since I knew that the three together would fill up all of that empty wall space. Here's what the wall looked like before. Ok, not totally before. We've got one of the dry wall mollies in. But this gives you an idea of the massive amount of cream colored blah that is our master bath right now. And it shows how slightly random it all is. Just look at those candles. Actually don't look at those candles. They'll be moving somewhere else soon. They're a little bit too random for my taste. And the progress begins! The first mirror is already bouncing a little more light around. And it looks cool. The second mirror goes up just as easily. I'm loving that the pattern I saw in my head works just as well on the wall. Have I mentioned how great my husband is? The big guy never complains when I ask for his help. He might look at me a little sideways when I go ga-ga over a set of mirrors in a store, but he tolerates my quirks about our home very well. I think he might even enjoy them a little.
Don't tell anyone though. I wouldn't want his secret getting out. ;-)And here it is! The final product of a short Saturday afternoon project. I love everything about it. Except those darn candles.
Loki wasn't nearly as impressed with the new mirrors as I was.

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