Friday, February 18, 2011

Bathroom Saga- Day Two

And the renovation continues. A lot of the work today was under the floor, in the walls. All things that I can't really see. In any event, there were some pretty fun things to see today.

This is what the cabinet looks like without the crazy blue sinks. I like it better already. It's a neutral style in addition to being white so I think it'll work with a wide variety of styles for the counter and sinks.

Without the counter, this what the inside of my side of the cabinet looks like. Makeup, hair products, curling iron, and a little bit of drywall dust. We'll have to give everything a good once over when things are finished.

This is the wall of the shower. Where the cans are sitting is the shelf that we're adding. I'll be able to fit so many bottles of shampoo and shower gel up there. Not that I have that many. Well, I kind of do. It's going to be great. We had a few inches between the edge of  shower basin and the wall of the room, so this was our solution. I'm a fan.

This is the new shower basin. It's great! Although the picture is on its side. Can't quite get it turned the right direction. If you tilt your head a little bit, you get the idea. You probably don't have to tilt your head. I did if it makes you feel any better. The room feels bigger already.

Tomorrow- the electrician comes. Finally, we'll have some light over the bath tub!

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