Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bathroom Saga: Day 3

Obviously, there's been a bit of a delay between the actual third day of the renovation and me posting. I got a little distracted by some schoolwork :-) Fortunately, no such distractions hit the guys doing the important work. Not that organizational behavior papers aren't important, but it has significantly less impact on my ability to shower in my own bathroom. Here are the pictures from Day 3.

That half wall is starting to take shape!
 Shower is ready for tile.
 More tile prep around the tub.
 And tile prep on the floor. Lots of prep work to be done, but all important to get done right.
 Then we did what we do best: we went shopping. New light fixtures from Lowe's for over the sinks.
 And new faucets. A little bit vintage, a little bit steam punk, a whole lotta great!

It's definitely getting there! What comes after all this tile prep- well, tile :-)

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