Friday, March 4, 2011

Bathroom Saga: Day 4

Day 4 meant that all the prep work was worth it. We have tile! And we have a new counter. No more faux blue marble sea shell shaped sinks for us. It's just white. Totally simple, and very sleek.

 Subway tile around the tub with marble accent tiles.
 Close up of the tile. No grout yet.
 Subway tile in the shower. We're really starting to see the difference in the shower. So far, so great!
 Another tile close up.
 Here's the new faucet, out of the box an on the sink. Love the shape.
 A little more tile detail, from around the tub. We went with a brushed nickel band. Less expensive than tile, and it lends a nice industrial vibe to the whole thing. Keeping with our nod to steam punk style.
 Loki approves of the changes. And of all the new smells that seem to be happening. Very interesting stuff.

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