Monday, March 7, 2011

Bathroom Saga: Day 7

Day 7 had us getting into the fun stuff for me- namely paint. There's finally some color in the room! Very light color, but color none the less.

We wanted to bring in the blue of our duvet cover in the master bedroom. You can see a good picture of it in this post. To do that, we decided to go with Olympic paint in Beachcomber (B56-1). It's the lightest on the color card it comes on. We knew that we had to go light with the blue, otherwise it would wind up feeling like we were stuck in a swimming pool. We're definitely OK with deep colors in a bathroom, as you can see in our guest bathroom, but we wanted something a bit more serene for this space. I'm not what anyone would consider a "morning person" so I need to kind of ease myself into the day.

These are the new shelves. Perfect for what we need to store in this room. It really wasn't much, so losing the space we did won't be a big change. It may actually be better for seeing what we have! I'm constantly forgetting if we have cold medicine. If the door is open, you actually can't see them.

I love the way the wall color plays off the tile.
It's very similar to the color scheme in the bathroom on page 108 of this month's issue of Traditional Home. I know that because when my issue came in I dog-eared the page so I could show it to my mom. Which meant that the next time she and I were on the phone I told her to grab her issue and turn to that page so she could see it. Yup, there we were talking on the phone flipping through Traditional Home together. Not a bad way to spend some time on a Wednesday night :-)

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