Monday, July 6, 2009

Easley Winery Favorites

We've spent a few really fun Saturday afternoons at the Easley Winery. It's where my bachelorette party started with a tour and tasting and where we took my parents one afternoon while they were in town.

It's one of our favorite wineries in Indy, and here are a few of our favorite wines there. No wonder we never leave without a case!

Dry Wines:

Vidal Blanc
Crisp with a hint of green apple
Pairing: roast turkey

2005 Governor's Pinot Grigio Reserve
Pairing: eggplant parmigiana

2004 Governor's Chardonnay Reserve
Rich and full taste
Pairing: gyros

Lighter beaujolais style red wine
Pairing: juicy burger with bleu cheese

Medium bodied, smooth with balanced tannins
Pairing: baby back ribs

2005 Governor's Cabernet Sauvignon
Spice, ripe fruit
Pairing: beef tenderloin

Semi-Dry Wines:

Spicy and clean, tropical fruit flavors
Pairing; orange roughy

Pink Catawba
Native fruit with a hint of red grapefruit
Pairing: baked ham

Orchestra Red
Beautiful blend of the grapes
Pairing: perfect with spaghetti and meat sauce

Warm Mulled Wine
Mulled spices, apple cider, honey!
Pairing: holiday favorites

Semi-Sweet to Sweet Wines:
Regal Crown Honey Wine
Smooth & sweet, ask about the legend!

Iced Delaware
The perfect dessert wine! A dessert that stands alone.

(All descriptions and suggested pairings are from the Easley tasting guide.)

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