Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Week Progress

We've actually been in the house for about two weeks now, but I took a little break from the unpacking and organizing of it all to take a few pictures. I just didn't take the break for long enough to actually do anything with the pictures until now.

Some of these will come back again later as we finish more detail within the rooms, but for now, here's a pretty good snapshot of where we were after just a few days.

Before we could unpack anything, Loki had to check it all out. He sniffed all the corners, checked in all the closets, and even made sure he could survey the front yard from inside the house.

We're pretty sure he approved of the house. Although it took him a while to figure out that it was his new home. He kept waiting by the back door for us to finish up so we could go back to the apartment. He stopped doing that after a day or so. He's still trying to figure out the backyard, but once we get a fence up and he can roam around, he'll be pretty happy out there.
This front entry way is still a little bit bare, but I think we know what we're going to put there. For the first week though, it was a perfect spot for empty boxes.
Of course the TV got set up right away. And then the DVD shelves got put together thanks to Andrew & Owen. And then I alphabetized the DVDs.
All of them.
Because I'm like that.
The fireplace has gotten a little more attention, but for the first week, it was a good home to the clock and the fake plant. The clock will stay there, but the fake plant keeps bouncing around trying to find a more permanent place.
Our lovely kitchen. Which was filled with too many boxes to actually use for the first few days. We got it cleaned up before my parents came in, but it's already back to filled with boxes.
I'll work on that.
The loft has been another catch-all space. But we do have the new cover on the futon, making it look less like something I've had since college. I still need to re-do the legs on the frame, but we'll have time for that later.
A lot later.
This is where Andrew works when he's not on the road to meet with clients. I'm leaving most of this area up to him.
And by most, I mean the top of the desk.

This is the master bedroom. All we had in it for the first week was the bed. Without the mattress. We slept in the guest room. Then when the mattress came a few days after we moved in, we realized the pillows were still at the apartment. We picked those up the next day.

So after our first full week in the house we had a living room full of empty boxes, a kitchen full of cook books and not so empty boxes, a loft full of books, and clothes that had been used to make the book boxes less heavy to move, and a master bedroom full of almost nothing. We had so much to do, and very little time to get it done since my parents came into town on Saturday.

But it all got done, and after that first week it already felt like home.

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