Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Plans

I'm taking this idea from one of the blogs I've added to my Google Reader list- My Happy House. Molly has all kinds of great ideas for keeping your house organized and clean by doing a little bit at a time every day. I'm just getting started to go through what's involved in her Happy House Challenge, so we'll see how that turns out.

One of the things she does that I like is post a list of everything she plans to accomplish over the weekend. Then on Monday's she'll take a look at the list and follow up with what actually got done. So here's my list for what I'd like to get done this weekend.

1. Paint the Master Bedroom. We might be able to enlist some help with this on Saturday. Fingers are crossed! It's not a project we couldn't do on our own, but I'm always interested in a little more help.

2. Hang the new light in the kitchen. It should be here, but the store hasn't called yet. I'll call them on my way home from work if Andrew hasn't already. This is the one we're hanging:

It's going to look great above the table! I know that because we already got one, but it was missing a piece. Not just any piece- the piece that actually attaches the light to the ceiling. Kinda important. But the store was nice enough to order a brand new one for us as soon as we realized it was missing. Now we just have to go get it!

3. Laundry. There's always laundry. But not too much, I did a bunch on Tuesday when the security system was being installed.

4. Organize Bookshelf. We have a few boxes of books that are still packed. They need to be unpacked and the books need to find homes on the shelves. And I need to decide which ones are being taken to Half Price Books (used bookstore). Then I need to exert some will power and not buy a bunch more. I'll have to take Andrew with me. Bookstores are one of my weaknesses.

5. Plan meals for next week. Andrew's going out of town. If left to my own devices to plan dinner on a whim, I'm going to wind up eating macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches all week. Sad thing, I might be ok with that. My waistline will not.

6. Organize the rest of the Master Closet. If there's time. My shoes are nicely organized, so the important part is already done. ;-)

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  1. Oh yay! I hope keeping a weekend to do list is as helpful to you as it is to me!