Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let There Be Light

Sometimes I'm shocked at how cheesey I am. Other times, like today, I just embrace it and see what happens. This is how things go when Andrew is out of town- I have no one to listen to my really bad jokes. Which means I'm saving them all for you. You can thank Andrew next week when he comes home and I stop.

Anyway... In case you didn't guess, today's post is all about the new lights we just put up or purchased over the weekend.

Let's start with the new lamp in the guest room. We needed something that would shed a little light as people walk in, something that could be plugged into the switch on the wall. I've got an idea for a different lamp to go next to the bed, so nothing too big or flashy.

We're going with an old Hollywood kind of feel in here- and when I say "we" I do mean "me." The guest room is one of the places that isn't very high on Andrew's list. Think lots of black and white, with silvers and grays, and purple accents. Maybe a little sparkle thrown in. Very glitzy, very glamorous.
Enter this little number from Target. It's got the black and white pattern that picks up, without matching, the duvet cover. I'll probably look for a pillow with something close to the lampshade pattern to tie it in a little more.
Ignore the other items on the dresser, I'm still trying to figure out where they go and what I want to do with them. After Target, we made a stop at Pier 1 and found two of these lamps:
Love the simple lines and geometric details. For some reason, this is the only close up I got of them. But you'll be able to see more tomorrow when I post pictures of the new paint in the master bedroom. It looks great!
Then there's the surprise I came home to on Friday. Andrew and Michael had picked up the new light (our replacement) from Z Gallerie and installed it while I was at work! I love it!

It really keeps the kitchen feeling open. The other light was just too low and really blocked off the flow of the room. Plus this one is much more contemporary, and much more our style.

We've got to get hardware for the kitchen cabinets still, and we're planning to go with simple straight lines to mimic the shapes in the fixture. Maybe I'll pick that up this weekend. We'll see.

I'm not sure if I should go to Lowe's alone when I have this many ideas, and this much time to myself in the house.

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  1. Wow, I love the first lamp! Good choices overall.