Monday, September 28, 2009

Wekend Plan Recap

I had some good plans for the weekend. But what actually got done?

1. Paint the Master Bedroom. Done- and it looks great! Janet (MIL) came over to help, which was awesome. We moved through the room much faster with an extra pair of hands- a pair of hands that did the cutting in around the ceiling no less. The color kept reminding me of a chocolate milkshake. I've got some good pictures that I'll post later this week.

2. Hang the new light in the kitchen. Done. Andrew & Michael had this done on Friday before I got home from work. They also picked up and assembled our bar for the front room. The downstairs is almost finished now. Just one more piece of furniture to look for, and a few pictures to hang.

3. Laundry. Well, not all of it. But I got a start. Again, the laundry will always be there. Spending time with a friend in from our of town was much more important than washing sheets. And more fun.

4. Organize Bookshelf. Not even close. I'll add that to the list of projects to be tackled while Andrew's out of town for work. I'll have 8 days to get a few things done. We'll see if that's enough time.

5. Plan meals for next week. Done. Nothing to formal as far as the plans go, but we stopped at Costco and got some chicken, spinach, tomatoes, ravioli, and a few other things. I'll be set for dinner until the big guy gets home.

6. Organize the rest of the Master Closet. Yeah, this one just wasn't in the cards this weekend. In addition to out of town visits, we had a housewarming party to go to. Again- more important, and more fun. The closet has also been added to the list of things to do while Andrew's gone.

But we did get a few things done this weekend that weren't on the list.
1. We bought lamps for the master bedroom.
2. We bought a lamp for the guest bedroom.
3. We bought a few new Halloween decorations.
4. We bought a caddy for the garden hose.
5. We bought weed killer.

I know, those last two are pretty exciting. It's how we roll.

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