Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Going Green: The Do Not Mail List

I'm looking for some easy ways to start being more green. I've gotten lots of great ideas so far. But here's something that I did today. I signed up for the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Do Not Mail List.

It's like the Do Not Call list for junk mail. I don't want junk mail. It frustrates me, it takes up space in my mail box, and it just winds up going straight in the recycling bin without being opened. Sure the recycling bin is better than the trash can, but what if it never came in the first place? What if the paper was never wasted? What if the fuel to create it, transport it, and then recycle it never had to be used?

I like that option even more.

So, I went to this link and put in my information. I got an email to confirm that I do in fact want to be on the Do Not Mail List, and by clicking on the link in that email, I'm official.

Now the only mail I'm going to receive is the mail I want. And bills. Wonder how I manage to make them go away?

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