Monday, November 23, 2009

A Prettier Place for Papers

One of my first DIY projects for the house was to revamp an old cork board.

I didn't take a complete before picture, I'd already painted the cork chocolate brown. But in this shot you can see the color of the wooden frame. The cork, as you'd expect was a similar color.

Nothing fancy, but still very usable. I just wanted something a little different to hold some things in the laundry room.

So after the cork was dry, I covered it in newspaper and a little painter's tape we had left over from painting the family room and kitchen area. Once that was done, out came the white spray paint. I went with a glossy finish, just to make the frame stand out from the cork even more.

This is what the frame looked like while it dried. And the photo below is my final product.

Not too shabby for a first real DIY project. And it's a much prettier place for papers.

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