Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We've Been Framed!

Ok, we haven't really been framed, but I did make a headboard out of some pictures that I hung above the bed in our third bedroom. Our third bedroom is the last room on our list of priorities. It's going to eventually be the nursery, so there's not a whole lot we want to do to it right now. But I still think we can make it a nice place for the occasional guest who stays there.

We already had the mattress and box spring in storage, so getting them into the room was pretty easy. It's a queen size bed, which made us realize what a nice size room it actually is.

The bed is pretty simple. In general I don't like the look of bed skirts. I think they all feel to fluffy and frilly, even the plain ones. So I took an extra fitted sheet and put it around the box spring, over the metal on the bed frame.

So in order to hang the frames, I started with some very large sheets of graph paper. The graph paper we have is in 1-inch increments. This makes translating the measurements very easy. I wanted my frames 14 inches apart, so I made a brigt green mark every 14 squares.

Then we hung the already-marked paper on the wall and made sure it was level.

Then I followed the green marks that had been made on the paper and hammered my nails in the wall. I went through the paper to make sure that each nail was in the correct place.

Then I pulled the paper off the wall and was left with evenly spaced nails, ready for the pictures.

We hung the pictures up. They aren't actually pictures. They happen to be random black and white pages with little bits of text that I pulled out of some Anthropologie catalogs a few years ago. Arranged in a certain order, they make a slightly vague storyline.
The frames were $2.00 each at Walmart and I just painted them black. I had the same arrangement up in my first apartment after college, and we used them over our bed in the apartment.

We've got a small parsons table as the nightstand. The lamp has a beautiful carved base that's a little hard to see in the picture. It's got a square pattern that picks up the grid of the frames, and the straight lines of the parsons table and plays nicely off the floral pattern on the duvet. We also had it in our bedroom in the apartment.

The duvet and shams are from Anthropologie, ordered a few years ago, again as part of my first apartment. The floral pattern reverses to burgundy/cream stripes. Even if it hadn't been too small to fit on our new bed for the master bedroom, it's just a bit too feminine for the big guy. I did try to pick up on the stripes by using striped pillow cases.

The throw pillows are from Walmart, and are only about a year or so old. They were Loki's first exposure to throw pillows, and once they survived, we upgraded the pillows on the couch. These just happened to be the perfect burgundy to fit in with the duvet.

So there you have it. We used nothing new, and found some uses for things we were probably just going to have sitting in closets waiting for a trip to Goodwill. It's nothing fancy, but I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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