Monday, November 2, 2009

Ales for Adoptable Tails

The big guy and I had a chance to attend this event for the first time last month. It's an annnual fund raiser hosted by the Humane Society here in Indianapolis, It was a wonderful event!

Hosted at Agio,, the event featured appetizers paired with various microbrews. The food was wonderful, the company was delightful, and it's definitely something we're going todo again next year. We're hoping to get a bigger group to g owith us. The more merrier, especially when there's food and beer involved.

Here's some more information posted about the event on the Humane Society's website.

The Humane Society is an organization I feel strongly about supporting. Why you may ask? Look at the furry face at the top of this page. He's why.

There are dogs (and cats too) who want nothing more than to be with their forever families. The Humane Society keeps them safe, and often handles medical treatment to prepare these dogs to go home. Maybe they've been on the street, maybe they've been mistreated, maybe they've just had some unfortunate circumstances and good owners couldn't keep them. For whatever reason, they need a little love.

We got Loki from the Hamilton County Humane Society a little while after we moved in together. He was energetic, a little out of control, and exactly what we needed to start feeling like a real family. Neither of us can imagine what it would be like to come home and not be greeted by that waggly tail and tons of puppy kisses, whether we want them or not.

So if supporting the Humane Society means helping the people who help dogs like him find a safe and good place to call home, sign me up!

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