Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend Plans

This is shaping up to be a busy weekend for us. Well, a busy Saturday at least. Here's what ee've got planned.

1. Go to the grocery store- yup, exciting stuff for a Friday night
2. Pick up the big guy at the airport. He's been gone all week for work, and I can't wait to have him back home. I know Loki's excited too.
3. Prep food for Saturday

1. Get hair cut. By this time tomorrow, I'll be a red head.
2. Clean the house. Not a lot of heavy scrubbing needs to be done, but some vaccuuming and dusting would be good. Maybe a quick pass through the bathrooms. I'll probably need the big guy to help with this while I'm working on the next item.
3. Cook Thanksgiving dinner. I know, it's not Thanksgiving on Saturday, but since we're hosting and I've not done a full turkey-day dinner on my own, we wanted to give ourselves a chance to practice. We've got some good friends willing ot be our guniea pigs.

1. Watch the Colts beat the Patriots. :-)

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