Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I kept meaning to do this earlier, but since today is Halloween, let me show you how we spookified our house. Well, the main living area at least. I didn't go too overboard this year. But tomorrow, when all the Halloween decor is on sale, you bet I'm going over to Michael's and Target to stock up for next year!
First, up the kitchen.

I picked up this wreath at a craft fair this year only to find out that it's just s smidge too wide to fit between the front door and the storm door. So it's hanging on our bathroom door instead. My favorite part is defintely our mantle. I like how our normal candle sticks look just a little more eerie with the trees and pumpkins around them. I picked up the trees and the pumpkins at Target.

They're festive, and you know I have a hard time turning down something sparkly ;)Happy Halloween!

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