Friday, August 13, 2010

90 Day Challenge Check In- Day 7

Ok, the first week of the challenge is complete. I added a trip to the gym on Tuesday, got an additional 5 miles in. Not my first choice, but definitely a better choice than sitting at home. And that's what this is about right? Making better choices. Slowly but surely the choices that seem hard now will become second nature. That's what I'm working towards.

Wednesday night was Zumba.Thursday we worked out with one of the gym's trainers, and tonight I got another 5 miles done on the elliptical. I'm a little tired now.

So how has this week's work shaped up? Let's take a look.

Weight lost: 3 lbs
BMI percentage change: 0.6%

Not bad for the first few days. We'll take another look next week. I'll be looking at the overall changes, so it'll be a running tally in addition to the specific week data. We'll watch as these numbers get bigger, and my waist gets smaller!

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