Thursday, August 26, 2010

Textbooks, & CDs, & Tests- Oh My!

Some of you may have noticed the giant stack of books sitting on our kitchen table as I was eating my yummy soup the other day. If the title of this post is any indication, school is about to start! There are 2 weeks and 3 days until the first day of classes. Not that I'm counting down or anything ;-)

I'm just about done with my first week of the three week orientation. I've met my team, I'm figuring out the online course environment, and I've even turned in a few assignments. My inner nerd is oh-so-very-excited right now.

And then this arives...

These are the textbooks I'll be using in my first term classes.Which makes the intensity of the program all so very real. It's been mentioned several times in the orientation webinars- this is a Big 10 MBA program, and just because it's delivered online doesn't make it any less demanding. So the first term is designed to challenge all of us. Not a surprise, but still a little nerve-wracking. It's all finance. It's accounting. Any guesses what I've never taken a class in before? You're right! Finance and/or accounting.

Fortunately I have amazing team members. We're getting along great, there's already a sense that we're in this together and we're going to help each other a lot over the next two years. These guys are great. It's going to be quite the adventure. And I have some big plans to take the accountants from work out to lunch. A lot.

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