Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guest Room Detail

A few weekends ago we added a small detail to our guest bedroom. There's a space on the wall to the left of the dresser that was a little bit boring. You can see it here, in the "before" shot.

So we picked up some wall shelves from Target, and mapped out some space on the wall. We already had the books, the vase, the candle, and the pictures in their frames. We just hadn't really settled on where they would live. Yes- those are pictures from our wedding. It's not like we were trying to use our wedding as a theme to decorate the room, but we do have most of our pictures from the wedding there, along with our framed guest list/seating chart. We figure most of the people who stay in that room were guests at the wedding. Over time we'll add more pictures of family and friends, I'm thinking gallery walls, but for now, these are a very good start.

Not bad for $24 worth of shelves and about 30 minutes.

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