Sunday, August 8, 2010

90 Day Challenge Day 2

You're probably wondering why I'm starting to track this challenge on day 2 instead of right away. I'll start by explaining what the challenge is and maybe that will lend a little insight as to why my excitement was lacking yesterday. But, a new day can sometimes bring some much needed perspective and a better outlook. So here I sit, typing away, with a more optimistic approach to getting done what needs to be done.

Yup, the picture is right. I've signed up for a 90-day weight loss challenge being pout on at our gym. There's a contest that goes along with it. By signing up for the challenge, we (yes, I made the big guy sign up with me so I wouldn't be totally alone doing this) get two sessions with one of the personal trainers as well as two sessions with one of the nutritionists. There's a competition component of the challenge as well. So there's some added interest and a little more motivation coming directly from the program.

So why was I not so excited on day 1? Day 1 meant officially signing in, which involved weighing in. Weight and BMI were recorded for everyone participating. I saw those numbers and was not happy. I know I've got some work to do, but it was a little hard to see it in writing. So I took a day to recover from my initial shock and lack of excitement. Today I'm a little more excited about what the next 88 days will bring. I'm planning to learn a lot in an area where I could use a little more focus, and I'm excited to see what the results will be.

In order to keep myself a little more accountable, I'll be checking in each Friday with a quick update on the overall progress. Some Fridays will be more exciting than others, but I think that's ok, it's probably just a part of the process of change. Change is hard, especially this kind of change. But change is good, especially this kind of change.

And what shifts and changes will become normal parts of my routine.

I think this is going to be bigger than just 90 days. And I think that's a good thing.


  1. You can do it! I'm rooting for you! Love you, sweetie!

  2. What a great challenge! Good luck and just have fun with it!