Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Inspiration Files- Orange Table with White Chairs

So what are The Inspiration Files? Simple- it's a folder in my email where I've been filing pictures and links for things that I really like. Things that I would love to find a way to do in our house. Will they all happen? Probably not. I might wind up driving the big guy crazy if I tried to find a place for all of these ideas. Ok, I would definitely wind up driving the big guy crazy.

So rather than keep them all hidden in my email where I forget about them, I'm going to work through them here on the blog. Really I should have given this more thought sooner. I've got 145 emails to sift through.

Let's start with one that would make even a Monday morning feel cheery. I saw this eating area designed by Susan Jones, featured on The Little Green Notebook. The post is about mirrored walls, but what I love is the bright orange table with the white chairs, the dark walls, and all that sunshine!

It's  a fun mix of traditional and modern that feels homey. I could totally picture some breakfast, soem tea and a newspaper spread across it. Not a bad way, or place, to spend a morning.

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  1. I love this. The orange really pops and it's so unique!