Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bathroom Blues- The Beginning

The title of this post sounds a little scary, but it isn't I promise. We painted our guest bathroom, and it's blue.

It's very very blue.

And I love it.

Here's what we started with. Very bland and very beige.

So it was time to break out the paint. We already had the color, left over from the front bathroom in our apartment. We had just enough to finish this room. Yay for reusing a color we both really liked, and yay again for not having to go out and buy another new paint color.

It's Glidden in a satin finish. We used Olympic in the other rooms we've painted so far and I have to say I like it better than the Glidden. Both cover really well and are easy to apply, but the Glidden's fumes were much stronger. I'm definitely a low to no VOC girl. Especially when working in a tight space like a bathroom.

Here's a closer look at the madness about to take control of the room. For the next three hours. It wasn't a big space, but there are tons of little corners and places to edge. I got very good at balancing on the tub and stretching to the ceiling.

Well maybe not that good. We decided crown molding in this room would be a goo addition. Textured walls + textured ceiling= tough edges.

After the paint went up on the wall, here's what it looked like. Lots more personality in the space already. And we do like a room with personality.

Here's another angle of the space. In this shot you can see that it's a bit brighter, and not quite so cave-like.

With the paint done our next step was to give it a little time to set. After that, on to decorating! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of the final product.

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