Monday, February 15, 2010

A Place for Everything

I love the feeling that comes with being well-organized. I like the calm that comes with not only having a place for everything, but actually having things in their place. It's the OCD, I can't help it.

It's why our linen closet makes me happy. We hardly use the things that are stored there, since we have space in our bathroom as well. It's also organized, but not quite as well as this one is. This is where we keep our guest towels, our (ok, my) gigantic collection of hotel soaps and shampoos, and a few other random and not so random items.


  1. Lovely closet! How did you hang those shelves? Are they bracketed in the side-walls or do they connect to some sort of track? I'd love to do those in my linen closet.

  2. The shelves are bracketed into the walls. We can't take credit for them though, all of the shelving in the closets was put in by the previous owner. I'm happy to use what we have in this case!