Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Sheets!

There's something about new sheets that I really enjoy. Is it the newness, the crispness, or is it the fact that I can now slow down my laundry pace just a smidge. Must be a combination. We just got these sheets in the mail for our master bedroom. We're now up to two sets. This means no more realization at midnight that the sheets are still in the dryer. I've been tempted just to sleep in the guest room.

I ordered these Nate Berkus sheets off of here. I went with the light gray, second from the top.
I also ordered an extra set of pillowcases because we keep four pillows on the bed. We're all about comfort when we sleep! I liked that the pattern was simple and wouldn't compete with the duvet cover, but that it would still bring some visual interest to the room. I'm a bit of a layering kick right now. Everything from pattern and texture to color is fair game. I also thought they did a nice tie in of all the gemoetric shapes we have through the space along with the more natural and organic elements.

It's really starting to come together! And now that they've arrived, all that's left is to put them on the bed and see how they look. There will be pictures of that sometime next week.

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