Friday, February 26, 2010

We're Goin' Huntin'

No, not really. I'm not outdoorsy. I like the outdoors, but mostly the parts of outdoors that are pool side or beachy. Places that involve the sun, and a drink in my hand. Our backyard also fits the bill.

I'm not woodsy. The big guy wants to go camping sometime soon, and I'll be honest, I'm a little afraid. Ok, more than a little. The big guy might not be able to out run a bear, but he can definitely outrun me. And I bet I look tasty. Just the right size for a snack (that's a short joke).

So when the big guy mentioned wanting a deer or moose head above the bed, I knew this would be one of the many times that our marriage will lead us to that wonderful word- COMPROMISE.

Do I like the idea of an actual animal hanging on the walls in our house? No. Loki bouncing off the walls is fine, but you won't find any hunting "trophies" at our place.

So what to do? We pondered, we hemmed, we hawed, we pondered a little more. Then on one of our many trips to Z Gallerie (seriously, I could live right in the store, but I think they frown on that) we saw this guy.

He's actually pretty big, but beautiful in person. There's something about white ceramic animals that I love. It's the kind of nature I like. It's sleek, it's cool, and it's easy to clean. (Have I mentioned that I'm not outdoorsy?) And since most of our accents in the master bedroom are white, he ties in nicely with everything we have. We've done some more work in the master bedroom that's given it a bit of a modern hunting lodge vibe, so he'll fit in perfectly.

Now we just need him to arrive at the store so we can pick him up.

And hang him.

Above the bed.

Yay for compromising. ;-)

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  1. Thats really funny! Your such a nice wife. I would never let my hubby hang anything like that dead or alive or just fake above my bed.