Monday, February 22, 2010

You Like Me!

Well, maybe you like Loki. He's hard to resist with those big brown eyes and that furry smile and those feet that kinda smell like Fritos.

In any event, I've been nosy about my blog. I looked at a few things today and found something kinda interesting.
We're totally being followed!

Loki thinks that's scary. This is Loki hiding. (Not actually from you guys, but mostly from the craziness that was the big guy and I packing up the apartment. Loki turned the futon and a few bags of books into a fort.)

But it's not scary, it's actually kinda cool, and definitely flattering. You can see I have 11 followers on the left side of the blog. I've also got another 16 following me via Google Reader. That makes 27 people.

That's a lot of people to listen to my ramblings. I appreciate you all. You have no idea. Half the time I stop listening to myself.

And then I found this. It's a link to a blog post that references one of my blog posts. It's pretty cool to see your name referenced. And then it makes you realize that you probably want to leave off your last name. So I updated that. Don't want anybody showing up at our door to stalk Loki. Although I doubt he'd mind. If you're willing to rub his belly and pay a little attention you're ok in his book.

So what this is really all about is me saying thank you. For reading, for commenting, and for making Loki and the big guy and me feel special.

We like you too.

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  1. HOL-Y CRAP! How cool is that?!? I followed the link and kept thinking, is this the right place? Then I saw your name and did a little happy dance for you! Cheers to you. Mr. Oliver and I celebrate you in shades of red! (I just clinked my glass against the screen in your honor)