Friday, October 2, 2009

Loki's Chair

Whenever we paint there are a few key things that must be done first. We tape off the trim, we set out our brushes, we lay out the drop cloths (hello new use for Andrew's old slip n slide), and we make sure Loki is out of the room.

He'd eat the paint. Especially paint like we used in the master bedroom that looks like a chocolate milkshake. He's cute, but he's not smart about what he should and shouldn't eat. He also likes mulch. Sigh.

So what does one do with a puppy who's far too curious about new smells and flavors for his own good when one has a room to paint? One puts him in the backyard.

But we haven't put in the fence yet. So he has to spend a few hours on his really long outdoor leash, attached to a metal stake in the ground. It's not his favorite way to be outside, but for now it's good. Better than having him crated the whole time we paint. This way he gets to move around, stretch out in the sun, and snack on mulch. Sigh again.

But sometimes, he decides he's had enough of outside, and just wants to nap on the furniture. I think he gets that from me. So while we were finishing up the paint in the master bedroom, I snuck these pictures of Loki, claiming one of our two plastic adirondack chairs as his own.

Something tells me that he won't be too upset to give up his new chair for the couch once we're done painting.

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