Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Plan Review

Time to check in with what actually got accomplished this weekend.

1. Paint corkboard. Bought the white paint to use. Didn't actually use it. I'm thinking this will get done Wednesday night.

2. Hang new shower curtain in Guest Bathroom. Done! It looks good too, slightly more spa-like than I thought it would, but I like that.

3. Clean. Done! Although I did discover that we're out of vaccuum cleaner bags. I'll have to finish that one up when we get a chance to go buy more. Buying more will probably be part of this weekend's to-do list.

4. Laundry. Done! For now at least.

5. Organize Master Bedroom closet. Well, not completely, but it's better than it was last week. Maybe that can be Thursday's project.

6. Finish Goodwill box. Not so much. Until the closet gets cleaned out, I'll be keeping the box as an open item. Or until it gets full. Whichever comes first.

So only three got completely done, but I at least made progress on another. And I picked up some new accessories for the guest room, a Halloween wreath for the front door at a craft fair, and took Loki on several walks.

And I got to watch the Bears and the Colts win. If only Purdue would start playing like they used too, it would have been a perfect football weekend.

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