Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little Items Off the List

As any bride can attest, the list of questions to answer and little things to do can seem daunting at its best. It's as if everything that gets done leads to three more things to do. This week, so far at least, has been my attempt to get those details under control. Here's a little bit of what I've done since Monday.

* Reviewed photographer websites with Andrew and ranked the photogrpahers who are avaiable on our date.
* Sent photographer details, including pricing information, to my dad for his review. Since he is footing the bill for most of the details, I've given him final veto power on our vendors.
* Contacted three DJ's to confirm availability.
* Again, compiled details to send to my dad about the various packages we could select.
* Contacted our church to confirm what information they need from us in regards to the pastor conducting our ceremony. They have been incredibly easy to work with and have had very few requests for us. Because of this, I like to get things done for them as quickly as I can. I'll have to get the details to them tomorrow.
* I contacted our stationary designer to confirm when we'll be able to pick up our save the dates. I also asked some naggy questions about what item should be next on the list, and whether we could start to pay some of the deposits on the remaining items or if we'd have to wait until we had a confirmed head count. I also asked about adding an item to the list as we'd like to use our monograms as stickers on the out of town guest gift boxes/bags.
* I contacted a local harpist about playing for our ceremony. She is currently available, although we may not need her if my college director is able to play for us. She's got a $100 deposit to hold the date, and I'll have to see what we do about holding her or if we're not going to worry about it.
* I ordered something for the bridesmaids as a part of their gift last week, and it's come in. It looks like I only have one more piece to get for them and the gifts will be ready to take to my parents' house for storage until they're ready to be wrapped and given.
* I filled out the two forms we need to provide our pastor at the beginning of our marriage-prep counseling sessions.
* I signed up for the new member course at the church so that I'll officially be a member by the time of the wedding.
* I called the bakery and booked a consultation for the second weekend in May.
* I booked the tasting for the country club so we can finalize the reception menu, for the same day as the tasting.
* I booked the appointment with the bridal salon to get measured and place the order for my dress.

All this, and I'll still be able to go shopping with my future mother-in-law tonight as our celebration of my birthday. I think I've earned that girls' night I'm planning for Saturday.

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