Thursday, March 27, 2008

Planning and Procrastinating

I've had some good luck this week making progress. Here's how it got started.

Friday last week I had the day off work and was able to meet with our stationary designer, Jen at Card Ink. I picked up our save the date cards. She and I talked about the pieces that are still left to do; invitations, menu cards, program covers, escort cards; and looked at a timeline for each and the information she'll need to complete the design and the printing/assembling. I'm so excited!

I can't wait to get the save the dates out to everyone. I have a few addresses that I still need from my parents, but I've got more than enough to get started. I'm addressing the envelopes myself with a calligraphy pen I picked up at a Micheal's near our apartment. I've only got a few done, and while they're not professional calligrapher quality, they still look really good. One of the things Jen and I decided is that I'll pick up the envelopes before the invitations are finished so I can get a head start on addressing those.

I was able to get in touch with Nichole at Harp Melodies and she's already sent me a contract for the ceremony. We heard her play at the tasting event we went to in February, and it's beautiful. Because of the stairs and such in the church, she'll be on the floor in the sanctuary, probably near the front. Soooo exited. I've already signed the contract and sent her the deposit. We'll meet sometime this summer to go over song selections.

I was able to get in touch with the company we want to use for our DJ, and they've sent me a contract for the package we'd like that I can review. Everything looks like it's in order, but I'd like to make sure my dad has no additional questions before we sign anything and make it official.

I've got plans to head up to Geneva the first weekend in April, and I've already made two appointments. First, I'll be heading to Veiled in Elegance and officially ordering the dress. I'm so excited! I'm a little bummed that Kathy won't have the sample in stock yet, but I know it's absolutely the right dress, so I'm not worried about changing my mind or anything like that. After that, we'll be meeting with a potential photographer. I'd like to get a better sense of his packages, and the fees associated with each. He also offers videography so if we can I'd like to get both from him.

I booked appointments for cake tasting and for a tasting with the country club for the reception. Those aren't until May, but it's nice to have them on the calendar.

I heard from one of my bridesmaids, Shannon, who let me know that she's already ordered her dress. I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear how they come out. I bet hte girls are going to look beautiful. I've ordered part of their gifts, and they've already come in. They look better in person than I expected! I ordered one for myself first, thinking that if it didn't come out great, I wouldn't feel as bad just spending the money on myself. I can't wait to get the final pieces of the gifts and have everything all together.

It's starting to feel real. I can't believe how quickly it's coming! So the rest of this week is all about getting envelopes addressed and getting them over to the post office.

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