Friday, March 28, 2008

Save the Date Drama

So last week I had the day off work on Friday and met with our stationery designer to pick up the save the dates for our October wedding. Since we have so many family members and friends who will be travelling to Chicago we knew we wanted to have them out 6 months ahead of time. They were over 2 weeks late getting finished, but still in time for the deadline we set for ourselves. I pick them do a quick glance and am very pleased. I admit that this was my mistake- I should have looked closer when I picked them up.

I collect addresses from my parents and Andrew's parents, and I start addressing envelopes. I get everything addressed and then I really sit down to look at the save the dates. This is when I freak out.

The wedding website is wrong. Our actual site is through, and I really like it. The site listed on the STD is BriannaandAndrew dot com. Not even close. I'm flipping out, and Andrew is positively irate.

I then remember that the Knot has a few wedding websites recommended that can be purchased. I go online to wedding tracker and am able to find that BriannaandAndrew is available. I buy it, and will be using that homepage to redirect people to our actual homepage.

Crisis avoided, problem solved, and now I have a new project for the weekend, getting everything to link up before the first STDs arrive. Still seething, mind you, but very relieved. We decided to go out to dinner after that since we were both too edgy to cook.

Now, I'm planning to DIY the remaining pieces and end our relationship with this vendor. The lateness I could let slide if the quality was worth it. Now I don't have that feeling. So I'll be going over some websites and checking into the costs and hopefully finding some easy to follow instructions!

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