Friday, March 7, 2008

So glad that it's Friday

I'm ready for the weekend. This was a pretty busy week to begin with, and especially when you factor in Andrew's accident.

We've got ballroom dance lessons tonight, and then dinner with his parents. So far the lessons have been really fun, and we're getting pretty good with some of the basic steps. We're pretty good with cha-cha and fox trot, still working on swing, and getting very comfortable with a traditional waltz. We weren't able to pick our song before this lesson, so hopefully we'll have that decided for the next one. Kriistina, our instructor has offered to owrk with us to choreograph our first dance. I'm really excited about that. It'll be so much nicer than us just standing there swaying like we're still in seventh grade. I didn't bring my shoes with me this time either, but I think I will for the next class. I may ask Kriistina how soon she thinks I should start practicing in the actual shoes I'll be wearing that day.

After we get home, I think we're in for a very low-key night at home, possibly with one of Andrew's friends coming over, but really I think that's about it.

Tomorrow I have to go the license branch and renew my plates. Not very fun or exciting, but very necessary. The fun part will come after that when I go to get some contact lenses. I've been saying that I want to get them fora while now, and I do want to have them and be comfortable in them before the wedding. I'm kind of excited, but a little nervous too. It's kind of my birthday present to myself.

Yup, I said birthday. Sunday is the big day, I'll be 27. I'm not sure exactly where we're going or hwat we're doing, but I know we're going out to dinner somewhere. It should be fun. It'll be niceto have a Sunday just to the two of us since we're usually pretty busy. We'll see what we wind up with!

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