Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Monday Afternoons

Rainy Monday afternoons are perfect for sitting on the couch with a great movie or a good book. Maybe throw in some hot chocolate and a sleepy puppy curled at my feet and I'm a happy girl. Am I doing those things right now? No, I'm working. And only freaking out a little over the to-do list for the wedding.

Why am I freaking out? I made the mistake of looking at the entire list. Not this week or this month but the entire thing. Sure we've gotten 70 items checked off, but there are still 130 to go. That seems like an awful lot to do in less than 7 months. I'm printing it off for our moms so they can see what's left and what I might need to add to the list. I'd also like to show them what's completed. I think they'll have good suggestions for what to add and hopefully they'll be impressed with all I've done on my own.

We have to address and send our save the dates this week. Which is very doable, but we have no addresses for more than half the list. DAAAAHHH!!! The save the dates may wind up with printed labels and I'll do the calligrpahy for the invites. Or I'll do the people that I have and just send the rest as the addresses come. Hate that idea, hate it.

I'm going to meet with the stationary designer this weekend and set a firm timeline for everything that's left. Here's what we have: invitations, programs/covers, menu cards, place cards, thank you notes, table number signs.

We need to finalize the contract for our DJ. Andrew and I agree that the guy we're looking at will do a great job. Just need to make sure my dad has no additional questions. I think he and my mom are on vacation this week. I should know that.

There are a bunch of little details that I've been able to confirm with the church for the big day, which is a gret feeling. I've got a list of some of the small fees that are associated with the ceremony as well and I'm going to start getting those paid. Not that I think it won't get done, but I think it would make me feel better to get a jump on a few things. And get a few more items off the list.

All these tiny details. And only 7 months. My eye is twitching.

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