Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Weekend Coming Up

Originally Posted Feb. 8, 2008

I'm having a little toruble focusing at work today. Andrew and I are headed into Geneva tonight to spend the weekend with my parents. His parents are coming in tomorrow, so we'll have a chance to show them around.

We'll be meeting with the florist on Saturday morning, and then going over to the place for the rehearsal dinner in the afternoon. We're going to look at the church and the country club for the reception on Sunday. The club is doing a tasting event for several couples with some of their vendors as well. It'll be like a mini bridal show. I can't wait to get our mom's together and get things really started. I'm so excited! It's all starting to feel like it's real.

I'm planning on sending something cute to my bridesmaids for Valentine's Day, probably a little email to say hi with a cute e-card kind of thing. I'm thinking about putting a little slideshow together for them. 'Cause that's really what I need right now, something else to distract me from work. I'm hoping to get their final vote on the dress this week as well. I've been able to find it on NetBride for almost $50 less than what it is in the store where I got my dress, including the discount the girls would get. I'd love to get them ordered sometime between now and March. From what other knotties have said, NetBride has a great turnaround, but I'd like to make sure everyone has enough time. The only exception will be my MOH.

Since she's pregnant, I'd like to make sure she's comfortable ordering whatever size she might need for the wedding. She'll have given birth by the wedding, but we don't know how/where she's going to gain weight yet. Her mom is a seamstress so she'll be able to make some adjustments pretty easily. But with the dress being black, I don't see a problem if she wanted to wait a little while as far as having the concern over the colors being from the same dye-lot.

We'll also be able to get the parents' final vote for the invitations and the save the dates. I'd like to get the order placed for the STDs this weekend or early next week. We've gotta get them out this month, so we're cutting it kind of closer than I want.

We also have to finish our guest list. I'm sure some items will change, like who's bringing a guest and who isn't. But for the most part, I need to know who's getting STDs sent to them. If we can, I'd like to sit down with my mom's address book and get as many of the addresses filled in as we can. Even if all we have is a phone number, I'm happy to make the phone calls over lunch to get what we need.

Lots to do in the next few days. We'll see how it turns out!

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