Monday, February 25, 2008

Recap of the big weekend- part 3

Originally Posted Feb. 11, 2008

Sunday we got up, and relaxed just a little. Andrew and I made breakfast for my parents and then went to the hotel to get his mom and dad so we could show them the church. We got their a few minutes before the service ended, so we had some time to look around the building. The Baker Memorial Church is beautiful. Stained glass windows, marble floors, granite walls, intricate woodwork, high ceilings with thick beams, and a gorgeous organ. It's not a huge sanctuary so we'll be able to keep a pretty intimate feeling between us and our guests. Everyone is thrilled with the church. I can't wait to get married there. Andrew really likes it too, which means a lot to me. He said he coudn't ask for anything more in a church.

After going to church it was back to my parents' house for some coffee before heading over to Eaglebrook Country Club, where we're having the reception. They were having a tasting event/mini bridal expo for some of their 2008 brides & grooms. The six of us went and got a chance to sample their most popular menu items, see a sample of their linen selections, and meet with some of their preferred vendors. We had a blast. Everyone tried something different from their menu, and I think we came up with our favorites for our menu. We may have found a DJ for the big day. He's a really fun guy and is happy to work with any level of interaction we choose. We were able to see some of the linen combinations and I think we have one that we can all agree with.

It seems like the biggest fight we'll have is going to be over reception chairs. Seem silly to you, or is it just me? My mom wants to rent chairs rather than use the covers provided. My dad thinks that's going to be too much money for something nobody besides my mom will notice. I agree with my dad. I know my mom doesn't care for the traditional chair cover with the sash tied in back, so what we tried while we were there is taking the sash and tying it on the side. This way the sash goes at an angle across the back of the chair and te colored tails hang off to the side. To me it's a pretty good compromise. My mom's still pushing for the other chairs, but we'll see. I think we could probably get a martini luge for the price of renting other chairs and that's a detail guests would be talking about for years. Or a chocolate fountain. Or both! We'll just have to see how the great chair saga unfolds.

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