Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress and Professional Football

Originally Posted Feb. 4, 2008

We had a fanTAStic meeting with our stationery designer this weekend. She's been able to take all of our ideas and combine them into everything we'll need to have printed for the wedding. We're going to be able to place the orders in stages, so we'll have a better grasp of the exact numbers, and we'll be able to spread the cost out as well.

Our designer is awesome! If anyone in Indy is looking for someone who can do custom invitations at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Card Ink in Zionsville. Jen is very flexible and open to your ideas, which makes the process so much more enjoyable and personal. She's given us samples of the invitation and save the date for us to take to my parents this weekend. Since they're paying for at them, I'd like to get their buy-in before we officially place an order and make a payment. We've shown them to his parents and they really liked them. I'll try and get a bio started and some pictures up of everything as we're going along. That should be a fun lunchtime at work project.

We also went to Bed Bath and Beyond and did some more work on our registry. We picked our china and crystal- both of which are amazing. It's Waterford, but reasonable. We picked out some linens while we were there and some other fun house things. It got a little overwhelming towards the end, but we had a great time. He and I agree that we'll want to do another sweep through Crate & Barrel, but really the rest of the updates can be done online. Again, something for me to do over lunch in the office.

On a completely unrelated note- we got a much needed break from wedding things weekend when we went to a friend's place for the game last night. Such a great game! Tons of excitement, both teams played great, and in the end we were all pretty proud of Peyton's little brother. The saddest part for me is that the season's over. I love football, it's probably my favorite sport to watch. Well, at least there's hope that next year will be the Bears' year. I'm a diehard Chicago fan... I say that every year!

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