Monday, February 25, 2008

Room Block is Set!

Originally Posted Feb. 6, 2008

Our room blocks for our guests are set. It feels so good to have this accomplished. It's kind of a big deal since the majority of our guests will be coming in from out of town.

The hotels that I'm working with are the Fairfield Inn & Suites and the Comfort Inn & Suites, and both hotels have been great so far. They've reduced their regular room rates by $20/night for guests at our wedding. We've got the maximum of 10 rooms at each, but both will be able to add more as we go if we need them, which I'm certain we will. We'll get guest lists so we can confirm who's got their room and who doesn't, so we know who to call and remind.

I've put the information up on our website, which is where we're keeping all of the details about our wedding so that it's easy for our guests to find. Of course we'll still get questions, and not everyone will look at the website, but for those who do, we'll be in good shape.

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