Monday, February 25, 2008

Gift Registries and Good Friends

Originally Posted Jan 31, 1008We went to Crate and Barrel last weekend for one of their wedding party events. We had a blast! Registering for the event was really easy, just a phone call, and then when we got there, our names were on a list and we got checked off. The entire store was closed to everyone else, so we had tons of space to register. There were about a dozen couples there, and almost as many staff members, so there was always someone to help. We had mimosas, it was 9am, and some snacky things as the staff explained what we'd be doing over the next 2 hrs. Each couple got a scanner and we were sent off on our way around the store. We were able to see some demonstrations of the kitchen appliances and had some more snacks. Very fun.

I'd pulled a list of what to register for from a bridal magazine which gave us a great place to start from. We got a list from CB after we were done so I've combined them into one master list for us. (I'm a nerd, I can't help it.) We went through our apt the night before and crossed off some of the things we knew we wouldn't really need. We're not big mint julep fans, so mint julep glasses didn't stay on the list. He got a brand new set of pots and pans for Christmas last year so we're great on those. Living on our own before moving in together really covered some of the basic kitchen items, but we still had plenty to choose from. The idea of having silverware that all matches is totally new to us. We were able to give a pretty good price range, which I know our families and friends will appreciate. We'll be hitting Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend to finish up.

In the meantime, we're planning two trips- one for him and one for me. I'm heading up to visit two of my BMs and will probably invite a third to make the trip with me. I'm only going about an hour away, so no big travelling. But the past couple of times we've hung out, they've come to Indy for me, so I'd like to return the favor. He's heading to St. Louis to visit one of his GM and I think there are a few other guys heading out as well. He'll be gone the whole weekend, and I think he's already getting excited. We've been swamped trying to get things done over the weekends- ok I have, and trying to find time to see people. We used to be really spontaneous about getting together and hanging out with everyone, but now we're pretty driven by the calendar. I know it'll calm down once we've gotten some more of the planning out of the way. And really, it's flattering that so many of our friends want to spend time with us during the planning process. It gives me hope that I'm not driving everyone crazy!

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